There are spirits. There are very many spirits. Some are loyal to God, others have rebelled against God. Billions of spirits exists, but they all fear God; both the benevolent and the evil pay homage to God.

Nevertheless, there is one Spirit that supersedes all other spirits. This Super Spirit is so precious and splendid, He is called God. This Spirit has no known name. Jesus called Him “The Comforter”.

The Bible calls Him “The Spirit of The Lord” “The Holy Ghost” “The Presence of The Lord” etc. These are names used in describing that One Great Spirit, the Father of all spirits.

This Comforter is wonderful. He is the love of my life. Without Him, I wouldn’t be a child of God. His love never failed me; and through all my pains, He kept me in this light.

Have you received this Great Spirit? Look carefully and see: without Him, you can never be a Child of God. Ask Him to come into you today, and see the difference He will make for you.

Pastor Julius.

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