There is a vast realm of power that lies just beyond the physical plane. This fact is very clear even to the most unbelieving atheist.

This vast realm of power is so tremendous, it staggers the human mind. And the most worrisome thing about it is that it is so easily accessible to any human being. All that is required is some dedication, discipline, focus, and determination.

However, as Christians, we do know that this realm of power beyond the physical world is a place full of dangerous temptations. It is largely governed by unclean spirits, which the Bible calls “principalities and powers, wicked spirits in high places”, and it is a place every Christian is warned to avoid. This is the plane where magic is manufactured. It is the plane where the evil god of this world resides. The Bible calls it “the darkness”.

Miracles, on the other hand, come from a place so far above this darkness. Miracles are made in the realm of Love and Light, and brought into the physical realm by the power of the Holy Spirit himself.

It is therefore obvious that magic and miracles originate from two distinct planes. It is easier to conjure magical powers; but miracles only come by the finger of God.

Today you have to decide if you want your life to be magical, or miraculous.

A miraculous life begins with Jesus Christ the LORD.

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